Written by Iliana Luca

23 May 2024

8:03 am

What is an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

The recruitment process is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and often quite challenging. From finding potential candidates to onboarding, there is a lot involved. Fortunately, you can streamline the recruitment process with an ATS system. No more manually reading and organising all the CVs. Welcome to the digital age! And no, we are not talking about a time-consuming Excel template for collecting all the data, but rather a handy online tool. 💪

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What is an ATS system?

An ATS system allows you to track the entire application process for candidates from start to finish. You can see exactly where each candidate is in the process. It also enables you to screen candidates using filters. Potential candidates can be invited for an interview within the same system. On the Jobtoolz platform, you can even take advantage of calendar integration, reducing the number of emails exchanged. 📬

Why are more HR professionals choosing ATS as their recruitment system?

1. Multiposting

An ATS system is useful for managing the application process smoothly. Additionally, it is a handy weapon in the War for Talent. With an ATS, you can post your job vacancies on multiple job boards and social media platforms simultaneously, expanding your reach without extra time investment. Win-win! 🤝

2. Efficient collaboration

An ATS system is much more efficient than the old manual recruitment process. All data is centralised and can be easily shared with all relevant parties. This means you no longer need to brief your colleagues about a candidate. Besides the communication history, you can also add extra notes or considerations. ✍️

3. Better candidate experience

An ATS also improves the candidate experience. The system can send automatic emails, immediately informing the candidate about the next steps in the application process. These emails are always automatically personalised with the recipient’s name.

What are the benefits of an ATS system?

Lower cost per hire

With an ATS, you can efficiently filter incoming applications. By only investing in the most interesting profiles, you can save significantly.

Efficient job posting

With one click, you can post your job vacancy on various job boards simultaneously, reducing your workload.

Better candidate overview

All data from different application channels are consolidated into one ATS system. This saves you a lot of time as you no longer need to log into each job board separately.

Opportunity to improve your recruitment process

An ATS system keeps track of many statistics. You can use these insights to optimise your recruitment process.

Better qualified candidates

An ATS system allows you to search by keywords, efficiently filtering candidates with the desired profile.

Stronger employer brand

An attractive job site is an ideal opportunity to showcase your employer brand. You can easily build this using the Jobtoolz platform.

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