This cookie policy explains how Jobtoolz uses cookies. This policy may be modified from time to time. Only the most recent version applies.
What is a cookie?
A "cookie" is a small text file consisting of an anonymous unique key that is sent to your Internet browser by a website's server and can be stored on your computer's or mobile device's hard drive to recognise your Internet browser during your visit to the website ("session" cookie) or on subsequent visits ("persistent" cookie), for example to recognise your preferences on the website. A cookie does not contain any personal information and does not give you access to other information on your computer or mobile device.
A cookie generally enhances the user experience of the website by providing a faster and easier interaction between the visitor and the website, and helps the visitor navigate through the different parts of the website. Cookies can also be used to adapt the content and/or publicity on the website to the visitor’s needs. 
Why does Jobtoolz use cookies?
Jobtoolz uses cookies for the following reasons:

Which cookies does Jobtoolz use?
These cookies are necessary in order to visit the website and ensure that it functions properly. These cookies allow you, for example, to visit the various parts of the website or fill in forms. If you refuse these cookies, the website will not function or not function to an optimum.
These cookies collect information about the use of our website in order to improve its content, to adapt it better to visitors’ wishes and to increase its ease of use. These cookies help to keep track of the unique number of visitors. 
These cookies are added to our website by third parties, and allow certain functionalities linked to these third parties to be integrated on the website, such as video services, social-media buttons or advertisements. These cookies allow you to log in to your accounts on social-media sites such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share certain content on social media (features such as share, like etc.). These cookies do not give us access to your social-media accounts or the data you store within them. The use or interaction with social media buttons or functions is subject to the social media channel's own rules - Jobtoolz has no influence on this. 
Jobtoolz also uses pixels, including the Facebook pixel. This allows Jobtoolz to deliver relevant content or personalised advertisements. 
Can cookies be refused or deleted?
On your first visit to the website you will be asked to accept or refuse cookies. 
If you accept cookies, you can also delete them at any time in your internet browser.
Would you like further info? 
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