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5 questions d'entretien pour briser la glace

écrit par Zahera

5 questions d'entretien pour briser la glace

A standard job interview often makes applicants wince with fear. OK, maybe it's not all that extreme, but you get what we mean. Applicants going through a first online or physical interview are not always hard at ease. That's where your ice-breaking talent as an HR professional needs to change.

You will only bring about that change by asking fun, creative and ice-breaking questions during your interview. In this blog, we give you our 5 favourites.


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5 ice-breaking interview questions



1. Should you have or be your own brand, what slogan would you choose?

When you ask this question, you make the candidate think about his or her key characteristics and summarise them under pressure. The answer summarises some personality traits and shows how creative your candidate is.

2. How do you feel about me as an interviewer?

Perhaps a question that will come as a big surprise to the candidate, but with good reason. With this question, you kill two birds with one stone. First, you will immediately notice how honest, direct and how quickly the candidate can adapt in social situations. Secondly, you will then also immediately get some feedback on your interview skills.

3. What would you do to survive during a zombie apocalypse


This is perhaps the funniest question on our list, but also one that reveals how expansive and creative the candidate's thinking is. Moreover, this is ónly our personal favourite when it comes to icebreakers.

4. Which book would you recommend to anyone and why exactly? 

At best, candidates can think of at least one book to talk about. The answer should show how quickly they can cite what is important to them. Should your candidate say he or she is not a reader, you can easily turn the question to a movie.

5. What could we never guess about you from your CV?


This question can offer you a deeper look into your applicant's personal life. Maybe your candidate is a true singing talent or was a tattoo artist in the past? It gives you interesting insights into hobbies and other things you don't see at first glance, but could be interesting for your company's culture fit. 


With these 5 questions, you will immediately make the candidate feel comfortable. It is not only beneficial for you as an HR professional but also for the candidate's experience, or candidate experience.

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