Digitise the interview
Evaluate candidates

Digitise the interview

Prepare the interview in detail. This structured way of working provides greater focus for selecting the best candidate.

Interview templates

Compose the ideal interview per job function.

Interview questions database

Choose questions from our database or add interview questions yourself and thus compile the ideal interview per job function.
Assess candidates
Mesure Skills

Assess candidates

Assess the competences and do a culture fit with the desired candidates.


Work with integrated scorecards. Prepare your profile scorecards with the desired competences in advance.

Candidate rating + tags

Give an overall score to a candidate and assign good tags. This ensures that you can easily look up candidates afterwards.

Interviewer feedback

Assess each candidate from the ATS alone or with your team. Perform a culture fit and enter your personal feedback.
Database with talent pool
Prepare the Future

Database with talent pool

Create a talent pool

If a candidate decides to terminate the application process or chooses a different job, keep the communication lines open. Perhaps a match will be possible in the future. Finally, candidates whom you already interviewed are just as important as ‘new’ candidates.

Extensive search function

Easily find candidates thanks to the powerful search module. Filter by name but also by jobs, tags, candidate score, date …


Being transparent in recruitment shows potential candidates that you are sincere and professional, and that you find their experience important, whether you hire them or not. When you place transparency at the heart of your recruitment strategy, you are better able to hire and retain top candidates.
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