Central recruitment dashboard
Keeping track

Central recruitment dashboard

Organise the entire recruitment process from one central dashboard and create the ideal funnel.


The entire recruitment process, organised from one place. Put together your desired recruitment funnel and see at a glance in which phase your candidates are.


Receive a notification each time someone applies. Wondering who it is? Get a short overview via e-mail with CV and a direct link to the candidate’s profile.

Team management

Add an unlimited number of colleagues with a choice between various roles. An HR colleague, the marketing department, an external recruiter, the manager or even the CEO. Define their user rights within the tool.
Easily manage job applicants
Working Efficiently

Easily manage job applicants

Treat candidates like your customers. Give transparent feedback and stay in touch.


Applicants are notified immediately after application. In addition, they automatically receive an e-mail confirming the good reception of their candidacy.

Detailed candidate profiles

View all useful information about a candidate in a single overview. Personal details, CV, motivation letter, extra documents …

Bulk actions

You can simultaneously send several candidates an e-mail, change their phase or delete a candidate.

Invite to an interview

Invite candidates to an introductory meeting or interview. This appointment is automatically placed in your personal calendar and the candidate will also receive an invitation.


View the history of a candidate and see who has carried out what actions and when.
External communication
Maintain personal contact with candidates

External communication

Use customisable templates to e-mail the candidate with a single click. Or send bulk e-mails to multiple candidates. Invite candidates to an interview and the appointment is automatically placed in your calendar. All outgoing e-mails are automatically tracked in the candidate’s timeline.

Internal communication
Work together with colleagues

Internal communication

A message box is provided in the tool with which you can communicate quickly and efficiently with the team. In this way you receive all the necessary information about one or more candidates, in real time.

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