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Why google is popular

Written by Dieter

Why google is popular

Do you remember when you just graduated and had to look for your first job? Which company did you really want to work for and why? If students could choose today, they would prefer to start working at Google. Quickly find out why.

Google is very popular among recent graduates. Not only in engineering, but also in the more economic and commercial orientations. For us, this is not really a surprise that Google is number 1. We can't deny it, the internet company is and remains enormously popular. But why is this? Why are students so eager to work for Google?


Trendy office

The offices of Brussels are trendy and nicely decorated with attention to design. Eye-catching decorative pieces combined with colourful desks fully reflect the Google corporate culture.


Google cafe

A company restaurant? No, Google pushes their cafe a step further and this centrally in their office. At any time of the day you can go there for a delicious coffee to loosen up and relax.


Kicker table

At Google there is a kicker table at the centre of the office. This way, employees can relieve all the stress out of their bodies. Occasionally it is necessary to let off some steam during work to be able to work again in full concentration. Where are the sports enthusiasts here among us?



Thank god it's Friday! Each working week ends a little earlier at Google. Together with the team the weekend gets started in their Google cafe. A fresh pint or rather a kicker tournament? Anything is possible! Nothing more fun to start the weekend if you ask us?


You live in the future

Because the staff are constantly confronted with new technologies day in, day out, the Googlers have the feeling that they are living in the future. For example, there are self-driving cars on the Google campus and almost everyone wears a Google Glass. 


Google likes to use their perks, and this is paying off! There is a good reason why Google is so popular among Young potentials. Show off your culture and attract future employees! Show who you are and what you stand for in terms of future employees. Be different and stand out!