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The world's most attractive employer. How to?

Written by Arne

The world's most attractive employer. How to?

What can you do to become the world's most attractive employer? Based on a study of Universum I'll give you some short facts & tips that you really need to know.

General key findings

  • Students are less motivated to choose an international career.
  • More communication about your goal & identity as a company is very appealing to young people.
  • There is a general demand on the labour market to highlight your local strengths.


More specifically: communicate your identity & diversity to the outside world on a continuous basis. Your employer branding must therefore be perfectly up to date.


Labour market trends

Which sectors appeal most to candidates? Sectors such as e-commerce, automotive & tech. Are you in one of these sectors? Then you can expect a positive impact on your influx!


What do young people identify as top goals in their work?

  • A good work-life balance
  • Being safe or stable in their job
  • Being leader or manager of a team


Fun fact: these are the 4 most attractive employers in the world:

  1. Google
  2. EY (Ernst & Young)
  3. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  4. Deloitte


What can you get out of this as an employer? That on the one hand you already have a small lead in the e-commerce, automotive or tech sector if you want to profile yourself as a top employer. And that on the other hand, you have to highlight the most important goals of young people in your job offer. So, for example, ensure a balanced work/life balance for your job offer.


Best channels to communicate your employer brand


Below I will give you the top 3 of best channels to communicate your employer brand. These are the perfect channels to increase your influx.

  1. Social media (68%)
    This is the perfect channel for young people to get to know you as an employer. And it can be even better: do you want to highlight a vacancy on your social media channels? Jobtoolz can set all the parameters perfectly for you so that the vacancy is shown to the ideal profile you are looking for. How can we help you with this? Check it out here!
  2. “Employer career website” (55%)
    An employer branding site is the ideal solution for this. Present yourself here as the perfect employer & success is guaranteed! Try out our tool here for free & without any obligation.
  3. Online job boards (51%)
    Link your vacancy to an online job board to create even more visibility for your vacancy.


We can certainly help you on these 3 best channels.


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