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7 tips for a vacancy text that works

Written by Arne

7 tips for a vacancy text that works

A vacancy text is always the first important step in the search for the right candidate. As an employer, you must therefore immediately make a good impression. A job description is one of the building blocks of a good employer branding strategy. It is the ideal means to tell what makes your company so special and why someone should just start working for you. In this article, we give you 7 crucial tips for writing a promotional vacancy text.

The importance of a good vacancy text

Very often a company pays too little attention to a vacancy. The text is put together in no time or sometimes copied from a previously open function. But did you know that one in five applicants perceives a vacancy text as unclear?

A missed opportunity, because a vacancy text is the calling card for your company and forms the basis for successful recruitment. By clearly describing what the job entails and the necessary qualifications, you also increase the chance that only those people respond who meet the required profile.  

Rules of thumb for a good vacancy

  1. Start with a clear, recognizable job title
    With an attractive title you attract jobseekers to your vacancy. But often companies try to unpack a job title that is too creative so that it is no longer clear what kind of candidates they want to address.

    So avoid unnecessary adjectives and be clear. For example, if you are looking for an account manager, then also register in which sector. 
  2. Draw attention with an elevator pitch.
    Tell at the top of the vacancy why this position is really something for the candidate in question. Please note: this should not be praised by your company. The candidate must feel engaged and be stimulated to read on. 
  3. Make the job description concrete
    Job descriptions are often either too general or contain too much company jargon, causing potential candidates to drop out. In your text, focus on the tasks and responsibilities of 80% of their time. Tasks that employees perform sporadically should not be addressed.
  4. Do not overdo your job requirements
    Of course, it is important that you only attract the right, qualified candidates, but super (wo) man does not exist! So dare to make choices when drawing up the required qualifications. Also limit yourself to hard skills, such as work experience and education.
  5. Put your company in the spotlight
    Obviously, a candidate would also like to know where he or she will end up and what company culture prevails. Keep this information concise. For example, refer to your career sitevideo for more information or link to a great company.
  6. Remuneration package
    Of course, candidates also find the remuneration package important. Be as fair as possible here. Do not forget the fringe benefits and state them in concrete terms. For example, if you give meal vouchers, add the amount.  

    But in addition to wages, things such as flexible working hours, working from home, childcare and the number of vacation days also play an important role. To play all your trumps to win over the candidate.
  7. Add a clear call to action
    In addition to a clear application text, it must finally be clear how the candidate should apply. Does a certain procedure have to be followed? Do you want to receive all applications by a certain date? Describe all information as clearly as possible.

    Also always mention a contact person who the candidates can contact with questions. Do not put info @ address here, but a specific name with a personal e-mail address.


Need help writing?

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