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Tips & tricks for a successful digital job interview

Written by Quinten

Tips & tricks for a successful digital job interview

These are challenging times for everyone, including the recruiters among us. That's why we at Jobtoolz want to help you, as a recruiter, to continue working as well as possible. Is this possible? During this period we have reinforced our team with a full stack developer. From the first meeting to getting to know the entire team, everything went perfectly digital. Our new colleague will immediately start working from home. So, it's all completely possible! ;-)

Furthermore, we improved our app by working from home, in order for the recruitment process to be completely digital. For example, we provided a link with Zoom for the online job interviews and a link with Officient, so that you can immediately recruit candidates digitally.


Of course, we can imagine that for many of you those online job interviews are something that doesn't keep you busy. That's why we'd like to use this blog article to help you on your way with some tips & tricks. 


As with most things, everything starts with good preparation, so prepare yourself at least as well as you would for an application in real life. This means:

  • make sure you're in a separate room where nobody can disturb you.


  • Test the program you will use in advance, nothing is more annoying for both parties then having to start it later due to technical problems.
  • give the candidate sufficient guidelines in advance on how to start the interview. So make sure that the candidate is completely at ease and perfectly knows what to expect from the online interview.
  • be ready with your mobile phone at hand about ten minutes in advance so that the candidate can reach you immediately in the event of any difficulties.


If you take all these tips into account, you already have a good chance of having a successful interview. 


During the interview there are of course a few things you should take into account. For example, you have to pay extra attention to articulate well and speak a little slower, this way the candidate will be able to understand you well. Ask open questions to the candidate so that he or she is obliged to speak a lot and becomes looser as the interview progresses. Follow attentively and do not only look at the screen, but also look into the camera every now and then, so the candidate has the feeling that you are making eye contact. Don't just ask the typical interview questions during the interview, try to be creative here. This will prevent candidates from having prepared answers to all the questions. Also introduce the candidate to the company: tell them about the atmosphere at work, your activities as a team, etc. 


At the end of the interview, always ask how the candidate experienced this online job interview. So also keep in mind that some candidates come across much more fluently in real life. "Stop selling, start listening" also applies in our case. Dare to really listen to your candidate. Ask him or her if he or she was at ease and what could have encouraged this even more. This way you really get to know your candidate as how they would be under normal circumstances.  

Be critical of yourself and also analyse your own interview, what went well and what could be improved?


If you take all these tips & tricks into account you shouldn't experience any problems in your online search for new employees. 


Peace out! ;)