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Seamless cooperation between companies and interim-and-selection offices

Written by Arne

Seamless cooperation between companies and interim-and-selection offices

Open vacancies that are not being filled. Interim-and-selection offices often offer the solution because of their wide range of potential candidates. Nevertheless, many companies indicate that they are not in favor of such a collaboration. The high email traffic and inefficient working are put forward as reasons for this.

Jobtoolz, a Belgian HR solution for SMEs and organizations, is set to work with this feedback. The company from Kortrijk offers an applicant tracking system (ATS), with a Jobsite to showcase you as an employer and supports companies to find candidates better and faster (recruitment marketing). Besides, Jobtoolz recently introduced a new module on the market that should help SMEs to collaborate more smoothly with interim-and-selection offices. A unique overall solution is indicated. 


How a start-up from Kortrijk optimizes the collaboration between SMEs interim-and-selection offices 

The interim-and-selection module would make it a lot more efficient for Jobtoolz customers. Where there used to be a lot of miscommunication and no clear structure, there is now the possibility to obtain a clear overview of already proposed candidates per office through the module. Besides, vacancies are shared with interim-and-selection offices in a few clicks and a matrix is ​​used that should represent the most advantageous offices. Jobtoolz customers are therefore satisfied with the launch of the module. 'No more cumbersome work with emails in our mailbox. Now there is one platform where everything about recruitment is located. Good work, this is the solution we were looking for.' indicated Marie Derous of Panorama Immo.


The end of many email traffic?

The interim-and-selection module should mean the end for a large amount of email traffic between companies and interim-and-selection offices. "The communication happens entirely within the module," stated Dieter D’hondt, COO of Jobtoolz. "In this way, no more emails are lost and candidates are no longer presented twice" Dieter adds. Interim-and-selection offices can no longer offer candidates for profiles that are not sought, only for shared vacancies. The module would also have email templates so that a new email would not have to be created each time. Lastly, an extensive feedback loop is being worked on today, to make it easier to pass on feedback on candidates to the offices.


Advantageous for interim-and-selection offices?

The interim-and-selection module is not only beneficial for Jobtoolz customers, but also interim-and-selection offices according to Jochen Callens, CEO of Jobtoolz. 'These offices get free access to a specific platform where they can see an overview of all open vacancies from their Jobtoolz customers. This way they can easily propose candidates in a few clicks. Also, they have an overview of all candidates that have already been proposed. In this manner, they don’t do double work and the focus can be placed on finding the most suitable candidate for the shared vacancies. In one month, more than 500 offices have already been invited by our customers. I, therefore, believe that we can help both our clients and offices to build a better relationship. At least that's our goal.' The offices also seem to be won for the module: 'Very clear and easy to use. We will certainly work with this.' announced one of the registered interim offices.