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My onboarding at Jobtoolz: Why I chose to join the Jobtoolz family

Written by Arne

My onboarding at Jobtoolz: Why I chose to join the Jobtoolz family

After an instructive internship in Stockholm, I graduated at the end of January 2021 and obtained my diploma: "Business Management - International Entrepreneurship". Time to put all the knowledge and skills that I had collected over the years into practice.

In addition to my internship, I was now also working on my bachelor's thesis. It was entirely devoted to the innovative Swedish HR culture. I decided to investigate why this approach was such a successful formula. In addition, I formulated advice on how the implementation of these elements could be beneficial for Flemish start-ups and scale-ups.


When I graduated I had no concrete idea what kind of job I wanted to do, but one thing was certain. After thoroughly researching the Swedish HR culture, I was convinced that I wanted to end up in a company where I would find the same values. Namely a flat hierarchy, attention to work-life balance and a strong, close-knit team. That's how I ended up at Jobtoolz.


In the meantime, I have been working here for a few weeks. I work alternately from home or at the office. Working remotely often complicates smooth onboarding, but I am not bothered by this at all. I can contact the entire team with my questions and I am well followed up.


The role that I will fill after my training period is “Inside Sales”. As Inside Sales I will contribute to the growth of Jobtoolz. I will be primarily responsible for approaching prospects and qualifying leads. For this, I will work closely with the marketing and sales team.


I ended up in a young and dynamic team. Jobtoolz works hard, but a good team atmosphere and relaxation are just as important. I am very curious about what the future has to offer at Jobtoolz!