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How to safely recruit in times of Corona?

Written by Arne

How to safely recruit in times of Corona?

Corona rules the world. It's a particularly bizarre period. A period in which human contact is out of the question. And this is precisely the core business of recruiters. As the Jobtoolz team, we gathered everyone's thoughts and looked at how we could provide the best possible support for recruiters and hiring managers. Last weekend we built the integration of Zoom, a video conferencing tool, into Jobtoolz. Below we would like to explain how we are digitising our recruitment process in these times.

1. We provide 3 pre-screening questions

When creating a new vacancy in Jobtoolz, you can personalise the application form. Add 3 specific questions with which you can do a first pre-screening. This allows you to check whether or not the candidate is suitable for the job. 


2.  Schedule an online video job interview

Face-to-face meetings are not recommended. Nevertheless, we do not want to slow the growth of the company down. Especially for this purpose, we integrated a button when sending out your interview invitation, with which you can immediately create your meeting link in Zoom. Just send the link as part of your email and you're done! 👌


Ps: read the full article in our help page here.


3. Recruiting in Officient

Recently we created a link with Officient, a well-known name when it comes to HR administration. They allow you to run the entire onboarding digitally in order to officially hire someone. 


Ps: read the full article in our help page here.


Et voilà, your entire recruitment process runs smoothly online. #FlattenTheCurve