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Advantages of employer branding

Written by Dieter

Advantages of employer branding

What are the main advantages of employer branding? According to Dieter D'hondt, co-founder of Jobtoolz and positively driven HR optimizer, they can be summarized in 4 major sections.

Employer branding, it will probably be the most frequently used buzzword of 2018 in companies looking for new employees. The time that we could just create and publish a vacancy is already a little behind us. Many companies realise that things have to change and that they need to showcase themselves as an attractive employer.


Employer Branding is not a target but a way to attract and retain the right talent. This talent is then again important for the achievement of the company goals.


What are the benefits of good employer branding? We can summarise these in 4 sections.

  1. Recruitment 
    Companies with a strong employer brand have a higher influx of quality candidates. Who are you? What is your DNA? Location? Testimonials from existing employees,... This information ensures that candidates get a clearer picture and are more encouraged to apply.
  2. Engagement
    "Do what you preach"! Companies that have a strong employer brand and effectively do what they say have engaged employees. They are proud of the company they work for and in turn reflect this to the outside world. Committed employees also deliver better business results.
  3. Retention
    Besides more influx and higher involvement, a good employer brand also leads to a better retention score. Retaining the right people starts with the basics, which is clearly showing who you are and what you want as an employer. The right people come on board, which also makes it easier to retain the right people.
  4. Competitive advantage
    Many companies are only known in the region as suppliers of a product or service. A good employer branding creates brand awareness in the region so that people get to know you as an employer. This allows companies to demonstrate their authenticity and distinguish themselves from their competitors in the region.


"At least", remember: You don't have to be google or Amazon to have a good employer brand.

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