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What’s candidate experience? And what’s in it for you?

Written by Dieter

What’s candidate experience? And what’s in it for you?

Candidate experience, huh? And what are the advantages if you succeed in taking this 'candidate experience' to a higher level? According to Dieter D'hondt, co-founder of Jobtoolz a must have in the war for talent. Next to employer branding, the most used buzzword of 2019, you can add one more thing today: the candidate experience. These go hand in hand and are inseparable from each other. A good candidate experience is the foundation of a strong employer brand. And a strong image obviously ensures more influx.

But what exactly is the candidate experience?

Candidate experience, is the total experience a candidate acquires with your organisation during the recruitment process. This from the first contact to the permanent contract. 


The "candidate experience" consists of 4 phases:


  1. The pre-application phase. This is the first contact moment online and/or offline. Here candidates want a clear picture of the company culture. They want insight in the employee experience and a connection with the brand/organization.
  2. The application process. What steps should a candidate take? Candidates want to be able to apply easily & quickly. Take into account the millennials (Generation Y) and especially Generation Z who were born with the mobile phone in their hand.
  3. The screening and the job interview. According to the candidate experience report for 2018 of the talent board, the importance of clear communication is clearly at the top of the list. Candidates want feedback, feedback and more feedback.
  4. The offer and the onboarding. Here candidates especially do not want false promises. Underpromise, overdeliver is the message.


What are the advantages of a good candidate experience? 

Today, many companies pay attention and spend a lot of money on the customer experience. This in order to attract and keep new customers. Also within the application process candidates are looking for that experience, they want to be matched with a brand they fully agree with. 


Small adjustments can make the difference here with a direct effect on the number of hires. Success guaranteed, on short & long term!  


In a nutshell: Do you want to win the war for talent? Then make sure that the sum of impressions that a candidate gains about both your organisation and the job itself, are simply top-notch. At all times, candidates must be able to form a positive and clear picture of the company's culture. So that they get "the desire to start working".


And remember: "If 100 people apply for a job and 1 person gets to work for you, then 99 people will be left with a certain feeling about your company. Make sure this is a good feeling." cfr. Dieter D'hondt