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How to attract candidates with a vacancy video

Written by Arne

How to attract candidates with a vacancy video

It is a general trend that people (and certainly jobseekers) do not read on the internet. They scan. It is important to give the core of your message in a few seconds.

For a vacancy this is no different, candidates want, without having to read much, to know two things immediately.

  1. Does this vacancy fit my profile?
  2. What does the company have to offer me?


The solution? Pour it into a cool, interactive video! An example of this:


But what are the advantages of such a vacancy video?

  • A vacancy video gives potential candidates an immediate picture of the working environment and whether it suits them;
  • It brings your vacancy to life;
  • A vacancy video catches the eye of candidates more than just text;
  • 45% of people watch more than 1 hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week;
  • Videos are 1,200% more shared on social media than a photo with text.


Vacancy video versus vacancy text

A vacancy video makes use of visual material. It is a well-known conscience that you remember images much better than text. Did you know that you remember 80% of a video, and only 20% of a text?

In a normal text it is very difficult to give the candidate the internal working atmosphere. In an interactive video, on the other hand, you really let the candidate feel what it is like to work for you. The candidate immediately notices whether there is an effective culture fit.


If you want to spread the vacancy to your target group and only have a vacancy text, you can only share the link to that vacancy. Do you have a video of the vacancy? Then of course you can share it via your social media channels. Some advantages of distributing a video via social media:

  • According to Facebook's algorithm, a post with a link to another site is shown very little to your target group. A video, on the other hand, will be shown to many more of your page followers. Put it to the test! ;-)
  • A social media post with just a link and some text, is much less eye-catching than an interactive video.
  • In a video you can already highlight the most important aspects of your vacancy. Without clicking, your followers can already see what it's about.


What do you explain in a vacancy video?

Below we give you a few tips on what you can best put in that video:

  1. The desired profile - First of all, create clarity and recognisability. You can do this by highlighting two aspects of your desired profile. In this way the candidate knows immediately whether the vacancy is intended for him/her.
  2. The vacancy title - Many people barely read the texts you write above the video. So don't forget to clearly display the job title.
  3. Your offer - What are candidates looking for? Your offer, of course. This is a very important aspect, so try to put at least 4 interesting things from your offer in the spotlight here.
  4. Where to apply - Finally, don't forget your call-to-action. At the end of the video, refer to the place where candidates can apply!


Let's go!

Above you could already read why & with what input you need to make a vacancy video. Anyway, if you want a better influx at least. ;-)

All that remains is the question: "How?" Easy, For a very competitive price we can make you a vacancy video. And you don't even have 5 seconds of work on it.

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