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Employer branding: a case for marketing or rather something for HR?

Written by Jochen

Employer branding: a case for marketing or rather something for HR?

What was only preached and believed by a few years ago, has now grown into a word of incredible recognition. Employer branding used to be a fringe phenomenon, today we can speak of a must-have. Companies that are not actively involved in determining their EVP (Employer Brand Value Proposition) are guaranteed to lose the 'war for talent'. It is utopian to think that employees choose your company if they are not attracted to the vision and values of the company.

But who takes the lead in determining and promoting your EVP? Is it a matter for the marketing department or should the HR department take the lead?

Let's take a closer look.


The role of the marketeer

The marketeer builds your brand, with the goal of generating leads & customers. Thorough analyses, target group determinations & consistent messages are some of his tasks. Through the use of various channels, the marketer succeeds in bringing a product or service on the radar of the potential customer. In this respect, it seems logical that the marketer takes the lead in determining and distributing the employer brand through this experience. But can we think in black-and-white terms?


The role of HR.

Of course not. HR is the face of a company's recruitment process and thus the first impression new employees have of your company. In addition, HR often determines the 'company policy' that goes hand in hand with the company's DNA. In that respect, HR seems to be better positioned to determine and promote the employer brand. But once again, can we think in black-and-white terms? The answer, of course, is no. HR & Marketing should have a smooth collaboration. This is the only way to develop a strong employer brand. But how can you do that?


The solution?

At Jobtoolz we have built the perfect solution for this, even if we say so ourselves. ;-) In our recruitment platform, as HR you can simply create an account for your marketing department. Handy, isn't it? This way, you can perfectly divide the tasks between marketing and HR. 


You might've seen it say "tracking”. When your marketing department asks for figures, you finally have a ready-made answer. They can paste the Google Tag Manager script here & keep track of all statistics in Google Analytics.

And this is just a tiny selection of the possibilities of our recruitment tool. In order to show you in detail what Jobtoolz can do for you, I would like to schedule a demo with you. Completely without obligation and above all: completely free of charge for you! :-)


What do you think? Do we mark a date in our diaries? Check my availability below!