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5 tips to attract talent

Written by Dieter

5 tips to attract talent

  1. Make a job stand out
    Frequently companies think it takes a lot of bells and whistles to stand out online. This is an absolute misconception. A catchy title, for example, or an uncommon perspective can already make the vacancy stand out to a candidate. We can compare this to a clickbait, as long as we don't exaggerate too much of course! The basic rule we have to keep in mind is don't overdo it.
  2. Get to know the world of candidates
    Candidates are looking for a job, companies are looking for candidates. So it's important to align both 'worlds'. Immerse yourself fully in the candidate's world, try to find out what they are specifically looking for. That way you can easily adapt your vacancy to their world. 
  3. Provide an up-to-date social media profile
    Do you not yet have a social media profile for your company? Then there is work to be done quickly! Candidates are not only going to check your company website but would also like to get a feel for the atmosphere of your company. They want to discover where they will end up. Instagram or Facebook gives you the opportunity to bring out your employer brand. Make sure the candidate gets a picture of your company.
  4. SEO is the key 
    If you're looking for candidates online, it's a good idea to make your vacancies stand out. When unsubscribing your vacancy, remember that it should be good for search engines. Do they contain the right tags? Try to use as many words as possible that candidates enter on Google when searching for a job. This way you can score higher in Google's ranking.  
  5. Make your company attractive
    Not unimportantly, try to make your company as attractive as possible to potential employees. An attractive company has a better image, which in turn makes people want to keep working and become true ambassadors. This in turn is an important part of your employer branding.


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