Working-at site
User-friendly employer branding

Working-at site

Showcase your employer brand on a corporate “working-at” site.

Working-at sites tell the story of your company to job applicants. They introduce the applicant to the values, the culture, the atmosphere and the job openings at your company. Showcase your employer brand and be the most attractive employer that talent looks up to.

Working-at site editor

Technical knowledge on the layout of the working-at website is absolutely unnecessary. Our simple tool makes it possible to create a fantastic looking job site in just 10 minutes. In your own personal style. Everything is quickly customisable and the preview function shows you the adjustments made in real time.


All the media needed to convince candidates can be integrated into your working-at website: text, photos, video, digital maps ... everything is possible. Your employer brand no longer holds any secrets for the applicant.


A great result is guaranteed, regardless of whether the working-at website is viewed on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.


The working-at site can be displayed in Dutch as well as in French and English. This allows you to also make your employer brand known beyond national borders.

Your own domain name

It’s easy to integrate your working-at site into your own corporate-branded site. With a domain name of your choice, e.g., the applicant remains in your company environment.

Facts & figures

Show important facts about your business. Give the applicant a feeling for your company with your ‘what, how and why’.


Using the photo gallery, you can add new photos of an incentive, a breakfast meeting, staff party or company trip, and give your candidates an insight into your corporate culture.


Let candidates get to know the current team. Through video messages, photos and text, a potential employee gets a feeling for your current team vibe.


One of the biggest frustrations among applicants is the fact that they don’t know what the company stands for, what its core values are. Jobtoolz makes it possible for you to present your company’s DNA, via video or photos.

Company video

An image speaks louder than words. Upload your company video and involve candidates in your story.


Show candidates where your company is located. Distance and commuting time are an important part of their decision.

Social media

Introduce people to your company via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Give candidates a look behind the scenes.
Up-to-date job offers
Provide correct information

Up-to-date job offers

Create job offers ads in no time to convince candidates to apply.

Because pictures speak louder than words, you can choose different photos for each job opening. That’s how you create emotion and involvement with the applicant. And of course you need video. Add testimonials from existing employees or provide a glimpse into your company via a company video.

User-friendly wizard

Create contemporary looking job opening ads in no time. Choose specific photos per opening and add video to involve candidates emotionally.

User-friendly editor

Again, the editor allows you to create job offer text in your own style.

GDPR compliant

Add your privacy statement. Via a checkbox, applicants agree to their personal data being processed. Thus you are fully in compliance with the GDPR legislation.
Customisable application forms
Collect the right information

Customisable application forms

Provide a fantastic candidate experience and convert up to 8 times more job applications.

Relevant data

Applicants often must enter the same data multiple times. Request only the information needed using our customisable application forms.


Ask targeted questions on the application form and determine before the interview whether the candidate is right for the job. Multiple choice, yes/no and open questions can be asked. It is also possible to request extra documents (driving license, diploma …).

Fully responsive

The application forms can be completed on any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.
Super-boost your job offers
Online advertising

Super-boost your job offers

Share your vacancies on job boards and social media, and increase the number of applicants.


Jobtoolz has partnerships with diverse job boards. With just a push of a button you choose the job board that best suits your vacancy.

Social media

Jobtoolz helps you set up a targeted social media campaign. Target the right candidates for the job and attract the best talent.

Employer branding video en testimonial

Our video company helps your company stand out from competitors through fantastic employer branding videos. Show who you are and let the world know what your company stands for.