Smooth internal & external communication
Smooth internal & external communication

Email templates

Create personal email templates with variables.

Internal communications

@mention your colleagues in the timeline of a candidate.

Complete in-app email integration

All your email traffic with candidates is completely within the app.

Confirmation email

Candidates will receive a confirmation email immediately after their application, which you can set up yourself.


Receive notifications from your team, new candidates or scheduled interviews.

Centralise data in clear candidate sheets
Centralise data in clear candidate sheets


Set desired competences per job profile and give your candidates a score.

Transparent candidate sheets

Display all useful information about a candidate in one overview: Personal data, documents, score, interview, internal communication…


Immediately view a candidate's history and see all the actions you and your colleagues have taken.

Register an in-app interview

Prepare an interview online and register all answers directly in the app.

Manage your candidates in an efficient way
Manage your candidates in an efficient way

Bulk actions

Save a lot of time thanks to the bulk actions. You select multiple candidates to mail, reject, drag and drop them at the same time…

Creating a talent pool

Give tags to your candidates and set up your recruitment reserves.

Overview of your recruitment process

Quickly view the position of all candidates in the recruitment process of a vacancy.

Team management

Add unlimited colleagues and decide what their user rights are within the app.

Clear reports / analyses

Consult all interesting statistics about your recruitment process. From average turnaround time to total inflow per selected period.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing

Do you have problems in the war for talent? Request a vacancy video in just a few clicks, which will be boosted via your social media channels. The marketplace offers you help in finding the right talent. 
Employer branding platform

Employer branding platform

Create your own beautiful employer branding site using the intuitive live editor. Present yourself as a top employer & publish a vacancy online in your house style in just a few clicks.